Month: November 2017

Family Traditions

Reading: Acts 28 Our families—or the groups with whom we most closely identify—all have traditions, customs, and shared beliefs that make all the difference in how we process life, for better or for worse. In this sermon, we explore two “family traditions” the Church has embraced over the centuries, which have helped us keep our …

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An Anatomy of Faith

Reading: Acts 27:13-44 What is faith? Is it a feeling? Is it a leap into the dark? Or is it something deeper, fuller, richer? Faith is more foundational than we typically think it is, and faith is what determines how we live. So it’s important that whatever we’re trusting in is, in fact, trustworthy.

Cutting Across the Grain

Reading: Acts 24 The gospel is the world’s greatest news, but it cuts across the grain of many of our theological assumptions, and across the grain of the way we often see the world. So how can that still be good news?